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6 Tips for Staging Your Home

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Whether you are preparing your home to hit the market or trying to spruce up a listing that has stagnated, staging your home is an excellent way to highlight a house's value to potential buyers. Here are 6 tips from Tony to keep in mind when staging your Brampton home to sell. 

When selling your home, it's key for you to do what you can to help it look its best. Staging is the process of preparing your home for sale, not only by rearranging its furniture or tidying up but by identifying its unique strengths and appeal and highlighting that so potential buyers will notice and appreciate it. 

When done right staging is intended to help buyers easily see themselves in a home, and this can be accomplished in a number of different ways.

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

1. Give Your Home a Deep Clean 

While this may seem self-evident, it's important to emphasize the impact of a spotless home on potential buyers. If your home is clean, it will signify that it is well maintained, and your buyer's perception will extend beyond a well-scrubbed sink and bathtub to every aspect of the house.

The clean you give your home before showing it to buyers should put spring cleaning to shame. Buyers will be poking around every nook and cranny of your house and so it's key to make sure that no matter where they look, they find a clean and well-kept space.

This can include buffing scuffs and markings off of walls, scrubbing the grout between tiles, and doing minor repairs where necessary. Chipped paint or a faucet with buildup from hard water on it can both be turn-offs for potential buyers and these are easily fixed with minimal financial investment and some elbow grease.

2. Reduce The Clutter in Your Home

The less there is in your home taking up space, the larger each room will feel. Removing about half of your furniture and placing it into storage is a good general rule to go by when considering how you can declutter your house before showing it. 

On top of this, although you may have heard that a space feels bigger when furniture is up against the walls, consider the opposite as you rearrange the furniture that remains. Float couches, tables, and other large furniture away from the walls to help give the space a larger feel.

Additionally, when rearranging your furniture, give some though to the flow of how people might be moving around the space. If you can create obvious paths through and into your kitchen or office, it will help these spaces feel welcoming to buyers and help them more easily envision themselves using the space after just being in it for the first time.

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

3. Depersonalize Your Spaces

While each person living in a home adds their own personal touch and flair to their home (that's what makes it home), the goal with staging is to help your house be a place buyers can easily see themselves living. And too many personal items, loud decorations, or funky pieces can actually detract from that feeling, making buyers feel like they are walking through your home and not their future home.

It's generally a good idea to leave only the most essential decorations in your spaces, and especially remove items which represent niche hobbies, very personal tastes, or particular lifestyles to you. As well, try and reduce art on your walls to minimalistic or broadly appealing pieces. 

All of these steps will not only make it easier for buyers to project their future life into the rooms of your house, but will also help to reduce clutter like we spoke about above. 

4. Paint Your Walls in Warm, Neutral Colours

While you may love your bright orange bathroom or your child's lime-green bedroom, taste in colours is very personal and highly subjective. Since the intention with staging your home is to help buyers envision themselves in a space, they may have more difficulty doing so if the room is painted in a colour that they really don't like. 

While you might think that a neutral colour like white would be best in this case, it is actually a better idea to use neutral colours with undertones of orange, red or yellow. These will do wonders in helping buyers feel welcomed into a house. 

When you paint your home, it's also generally a good idea to remove any wallpaper you might have up before painting the wall. Wallpapers have the same effect as bright paint colours for buyers, and if you simply paint over it without removing the paper first, potential buyers will likely notice and file that as extra work down the road.

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

5. Clear Out Your Storage

Storage is a big draw for potential buyers of your home, and you want to highlight the amount of storage that you have to make it feel as big as possible. To this end, you should remove any clothes you won't immediate need to wear from your home and clear out board games, dry goods and household items that are taking up space in pantries, cupboards and closets. 

You want to keep some items in each storage space, but a full and cluttered cupboard looks much smaller than it actually is.

When buyers look into your closet, you want them to appreciate how much space it offers, It will go a long way towards helping them imagine themselves in your home.

6. Pay Attention to The Smell

Smell can be a helpful (or harmful) factor in getting buyers to feel welcomed into your home. If your house smells bad, that is the first thing they will notice, and will be sure to start their tour of your home on the wrong foot. Make sure that you take out your garbage well before buyers some to look at your house and, while you clean, pay special attention to eliminating pet smells which some may find distasteful.

When it comes to good smells, however, you want something that is pleasant but subtle, One or two plug-in air fresheners (depending on the size of your home) will go a long way towards helping your whole house have a fresh and welcoming air to it.

While your house's smell it isn't something buyers will necessarily comment on, it will help them feel at home and welcome from the moment they enter through the front door.

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

Are you staging your home for sale in Brampton? 

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